How to open offline in full window

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How can I run a action (js) or html extension to open a Lectora title offline in full window.
Any tips?


  • carlfink
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    When you say "full window", do you mean "maximized"?

    I haven't looked in years, but as I remember you have to use JS to retrieve the screen size, then set the window to be that size and in position 0,0.
  • lbryan-4843
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    Thanks Carl.
    Some people call it full window, but yes, maximize the Lectora window...if you know of where can I get a sample script snippet to try please let me know.
    Thanks again for responding tp the question.
  • jholland
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    Within Lectora, there is no way to open a course maximized when published to Offline mode. The LectoraViewer EXE opens the window to a set size. Increasing the course's page size within Lectora will open in the same size window, with scroll bars.

    Looking back in the community here, this question has been asked before and has not received any answers. The OP asked two years ago. Searching for a jQuery or javascript solution in Google doesn't find a reliable way to do this currently. Most answers outside the community tend to agree that a web page should not be able to manipulate and control a browser's size, this is controlled by the user. Of course, this is more an opinion for general websites.

    You could try publishing to HTML and installing the course on the user's computer using IIS on their computer. This might give you more flexibility that you can find a solution. For example, in MS Windows, you can change the properties on the Chrome browser icon to open Chrome maximized. Set the default URL to the URL to the local webserver where the course is installed and you would launch the course maximized.

    Publishing to HTML will also give you a lot more options when publishing to control how the course scales, fits the browser's width, and other options.

    Just remember, you can't publish to HTML, and then just try and run the course from your local file system. Modern browsers will block file access and keep javascript and other necessary code from running. This is all done in the name of security. Fire up ISS and take control!

    Of course, if anyone has a tested jQuery or javascript way to do this, please post in this thread.
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    @jholland , I missed the "offline" in the threadstarter. Good catch.