Difference Between the Two Save to Library Options?

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What's the difference between "Save as library object" and "Save to my library" when I right click on an object?

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  • ethomas
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    I believe the option (at least in the latest version of Lectora) is "Copy to My Library" and for Lectora Online it's "Save to Media Library". This option saves/copies only a single object to the Library and only certain types are allowed (the ones allowed by the Library, for example videos, audios, images, documents, etc). You can select multiple objects and they will all get copied to the Library, but they are all saved individually.

    When you save as a Library Object, you can save either a single object or an entire page of objects or even an entire chapter of objects. You are also not limited by the type of object as anything can be saved in a Library Object. You can almost think of a Library Object as a mini project. You can actually save the entire contents of a project as a Library Object.