Shape/Line: Pill Shape Issue

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edited March 23, 2022 in Lectora Desktop
Hello - I believe there is a bug in the Lectora v21 application.

I would like to recreate a user interface that we have, and it uses pill shaped objects. Instead of making the assets in Adobe Illustrator, I thought it would be a good idea to make them using the Shape/Line tool; however, when I try to turn off the gradient it just doesn't go away - even after changing the colours.

Thinking it may be an issue on my end, I created a standard box/rectangle and it had no issues with the gradient.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Click on the Shape/Line drop down
  2. Choose the pill shape.
  3. Draw a pill shape object on your screen.
  4. Change the colour.
  5. Attempt to turn off the gradient.
Any support would be appreciated.
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