Remember SCORM User Progress

jackgayler Community Member Posts: 72 ✶ Headliner ✶
I was shocked, stunned, astonished! That CenarioVR SCORM packages do not retain user progress on an LMS (or even the dedicated CVR app).

This is a must have feature.
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  • carlfink
    carlfink Community Member Posts: 1,099 ✭ Legend ✭
    This will be very difficult, because "progress" is not well-defined. Unfortunately, last time I checked CVR did not support xAPI, which would let you record (for instance) which locations someone had visited and what interactions they have activated, which would let you fake the sort of thing that I think you mean.
  • jackgayler
    jackgayler Community Member Posts: 72 ✶ Headliner ✶
    CenarioVR's default analytics for the CVR app have great depth to them, so the data is there. For my scenario, all I would need remembered are the values of the variables. If the values of the variables are remembered, I can set up the Menu to lock/unlock sections depending on variable values.