Random Select Going Over Set Limit

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So I've built a course with an 81 question bank where it will randomly select 25 for the test. A new issue has popped up that I have never had before. There are people that are coming back saying that the limit isn't set and they get more than 25 questions in their test (I have a screenshot where it shows them on 42 out of 25.) Logically this just doesn't make sense where this happens to some people but most others are fine? Any thoughts on where to start investigating this issue?


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    I know nothing about this particular problem, but in general for troubleshooting, people will want to know:
    • Version of Lectora
    • LMS
    • Browser
    • Is it always the same people? That is, if Person A has this happen, will she always have it happen again, or is it random for every person? (This lets one eliminate problems with specific people's setup.)
    • Can you reproduce it using a version of the course with debugging turned on in Lectora, on your own system? Certain variables could be quite relevant.
    • Does it happen with all plugins turned off (safe mode)?
    EDIT: Does anyone else at your firm have Lectora? Does the problem go away if someone else publishes it?

    Have you tested it in another LMS, say SCORM Cloud?
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    We do the same thing (kind of) in our environment.

    The only question that comes to mind is, how are titling your question pages? Are you using the page title from within the title explorer OR are you using a mathematical equation to bump the number up by one after every page/question load?

    For example, I've had to....
    1. Set the pages for each question to Question 1, Question 2, etc. for easy development/fix purposes.
    2. On page show, add 1 to the Var_qNumber variable.
    3. Set my page title to change on show to Question Var_qNumber
    This way we have proper sequential order counting upwards.

    Can you share your file?
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