Lectora Version 18 Publishing to Healthstream Error

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Good morning,

Is anyone having issues publishing to Healthstream from Lectora? See error message attached. It seems our IT dept has blocked some of the IP addresses, and there might have been some changes on the Lectora end as well. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Also, could the publishing issue stem from the fact we are still using Version 18, and have not updated to a more current version of Lectora? We didn't start to have this issue until a week ago.

Thank you in advance.

Vanessa Morales

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    Hello All,

    Thank you, Vanessa, for posting this your issue here, so others that are in the same situation can benefit... So we at (eLearning Brothers Support) have identified that with Lectora 18 there are particular files that were included in the publishing process that was relevant at the time of Lectora v18 release that is are longer valid as of present....We found that the Healthstream servers reject these files (as they should) and stops the upload process.

    As per Vanessa's post and ticket, we have determined that the way around this issue is to upgrade to the latest version of Lectora.

    Please contact your sales rep for the details.