How do I set custom width/height dimensions on an Info Card?

ewalsh-3688 Community Member Posts: 23 ☆ Roadie ☆

I'm trying to adjust the width of an Info Card in CenarioVR to make it wider, but no matter which sizing handle I select, the height is adjusted too at the same time.

I assumed that I could hold down either the [Ctrl] or [Shift] keys to change how the Info Card is resized (in the same way I can in Microsoft PowerPoint) but CenarioVR still changes both the height and width at the same time.

I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here :blush:
Any ideas?



  • carlfink
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    As designed, control over the shape of info cards is very limited. All you can do is use linefeeds to make the text the rough size you want (because they adapt to the size of the text). You can't (that I can figure out) make them wider than the default.

    I also don't see any support for i18n. Not a concern for any of my current projects, but for a broader audience, very important.
  • johnb
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    To change word wrapping, try changing the font size within the font settings. That will change the character limit per line.
  • hvaughan-2540
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    I've imported plain, solid filled images as backgrounds at the required size and then added CVR text over the top and grouped together. I've also imported images as text, mainly because I wanted to use a corporate font not available on CVR (any typos are slower to remedy with this method).