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I am desperately trying to make my short video interactive where I have 7 hot spots in the video. The video must pause until they click that hotspot, and then the video resumes until we come to the next hotspot. No matter what I do I can get the video to pause before then restart on click. HELP PLEASE


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    Hello, please provide some details on what you have tried already and the results you are seeing. An explanation of what you expect to see would also be useful. Are you using sync events inside the video to stop and start or to display buttons as hotspots? Do you have hotspot objects built into the video and need to see how to add actions to start the video playing again?

    Short of knowing the above information, the following information might help. You can use Synch Events within a video to pause the video at various points.
    1. Select the video, click on the PROPERTIES menu
    2. Choose "Sync Events" within the "Playback Options" section of the ribbon bar.
    3. The Sync events window will open.
    4. Start the video running in the player on the left
    5. When you get to a point where you want to pause the video, click the "Add event" button.
    6. An event will be added to the list on the right.
    7. Let the video continue and each time you reach a place where you want a pause, click the "Add event" button. Continue on repeating until you have added the 7 actions at the locations in the video you want to pause
    8. Now go back to the first event by selecting it on the list
    9. In the section labeled "Edit Event Action", choose the icon labeled "No Action".
    10. Scroll down the list and choose "Pause" in the Media section.
    11. Repeat this for all 7 events until they all show the action "Pause"
    12. Click the OK button to save your work.
    13. Now if you run the video in Run or Preview mode, the video will pause when it reached these points you picked.
    • You can open up the sync events window and edit an events Time entry in the first column if you want to fine tune the exact point you want the event to occur.
    • After step 7 you might want to click OK to save your work, then reopen the Sync Events tool to complete Step 8 and beyond..