Another Problem with needing help setting up complicated actions/conditions/variables

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Hello Lectora Community. My name is Jase and I am still a beginner with Lectora. I am creating a training course for my company and I am needing help with actions/variables/conditions for specific pages (there is at least five that are similar so I have attached a screenshot for the page I am working on). I have the page set up so that the hidden picture search with transparent buttons are over each hidden image. There is also a key that shows the hidden picture key when the mouse is scrolled over it. There is a return button to go back to a specific page. I am wanting to have a checkmark for each object that is found and all of the content on one popup page but have it set that it is only displayed when the specific object is found. I am also trying to set it up so that when all the objects are found, a congratulations message with a done button appears to show that the learner is done with that section. I am trying to set it up with actions/variables/conditions so that Lectora will be able to track the learner's status with each object if they want to go in and out of the course (like a choose your own adventure book). I am also trying to set it up so that the learner won't have to find the same objects if they get out of the page. Is there a way to set this up? If so, can someone help me with setting it up since I don't know how to set it up.


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    Do you mean that you want a checkmark to replace each picture when it's found, or superimposed over it? Either one is easy.

    Lectora has Actions, which happen when certain events take place. One of those events is OnMouseEnter. If you have an Action that happens OnMouseEnter, it happens when the mouse pointer moves over the object. Depending on what you want, you could use OnMouseClick instead, of course.

    You could have OnMouseEnter trigger a Show event, to reveal a hidden checkmark image (by name).

    To reveal the hidden congratulations message, you could have two more OnMouseEnter actions for each of the pictures. Each one would set a named variable, say "picture1" to True. (Make the initial value of each variable False.) The third would "Show" the congratulations message, but use the "Conditions" panel to do that only if all the picture1-pictureN variables are true. You can set variable to persist between sessions so if the student leaves the course and returns, the course "remembers" what has happened before.

    If you need more detailed instructions, please let me know.
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    (Responding to PM asking for more details.)

    Here's a sample project that does most of what you want. Let me know if you need me to go through how it works in detail.