Buttons - Disabled and Fade In

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Hello -

Here's a doozy that I was encountering today in Lectora 19.

A disabled button is assigned a 0.6 opacity by the Lectora application, but when you fade the button in, the fade stop at 0.6 it stops at 1.0 - no longer giving the illusion of a disabled button.

I was able to figure this out after about 45-60 minutes of tinkering.


1. Create new image button.
2. Assigned a fade in animation.
3. Disabled the button as I want the user to follow a certain flow.

Once I disable the fade in animation, there's no issue.

Question: Is the only way to make this work is to assign an image to the disabled state as opposed to allowing Lectora work it's magic (which I must say is a very nice outcome of 0.6 opacity).
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