Missing the value of VAR (CurrentPageName)

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I downloaded Lectora 21 to my computer a while ago. When I open up old projects from Lectora 19 I seem to lose the page name when I use the variable VAR(CurrentPageName) Instead of showing the actual page name it is showing six numbers instead. I will enclose some pictures:

1. This is the name of the page “Övriga Motorförsäkringar” in the title explorer

2. In production mode I put the variable in and when I used Lecora 17 and 19 The variable picked the “real” name from the page name

3. But now when I run the page It is showing a number combination which I think is some kind of a page – ID

I can do a work around and just take the variable away and enter the “real” page name instead but it is most time consuming. Can you please advice in this matter?


  • nmaharaj
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    Try and remove the action to call the VAR(CurrentPageName) as in the Old one from when it was imported, and re-apply from Lectora 21, If that doesn't work please report to support.
  • jholland
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    This is a bug that appears only when Lectora 21 is installed in a language other than English. The number shown is the Page Object ID and not its Page Name This was reported to our Dev team and should be addressed in the next release of Lectora.