How can I display a Lectora learning unit in the web browser over the entire page?

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I would like to display my Lectora units that I publish in the web browser across the entire browser page. However, I have encountered problems in doing so. When I select a background color, it is displayed across the entire browser page, but my content is not.

I have already used the functions "Scale the page to fit and fill the window" and "Scale the page to fit the window width" and also varied the page size several times. The first option creates margins on the right and left and pushes my content to the center, even though it is placed on the edge of the page in Lectora. The second option creates a margin at the bottom.

The resulting margins are always in the selected background color, but the arrangement of my content changes as described. This problem also depends on the screen size on which the browser is opened. Depending on this, the margins are larger or smaller.

Is there a specific page size or setting that I can use to transfer the page created in Lectora to the browser? My goal is that the content placed on the margins in Lectora shows up in the same place in the browser and that there is no shifting up or to the side.

Thanks in advance.