Buttons in Popup pages in Version 19 Don't work

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edited December 10, 2021 in Lectora Desktop
Since moving to Saba 19 (from 16), I have an issue with popup pages. So What I have done is made a page with all my references on it, and when a student clicks on the "references link", a popup of that page appears with buttons to each reference. However, when the page "popups", none of the links are clickable.

However, if I just put the page in as a subsequent page (or next page), the links work fine. Somehow, when the page "popups" the links don't work.

So I tested, my content, opened it in Version 16 and it gave me a warning that it was used with a newer version, republished and my popup pages work. then I republished using version 19 and my popup pages no longer work.?

So In Run Mode (F10) in Lectora 16 and 19, it works fine, but when published to the LMS Version 16 works for popups and Version 19 the popup doesn't work.
I have attached a version I made in 19. Hope someone can help
Sorry for the multiple post