Does anyone know how to eliminate "circular dependencies?"

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I have an issue I've been trying to solve for days. When my Blackboard Rep uploads my courses, she is receiving an error that reads, "Some issues were found with this course that may affect playability." If you click this error, there is more specific info, "The following resources have circular dependencies, F_354, P_46, etc."

I have found these resources within the imsmanifest.xml file but I have no idea what's going on or how I can remove this error. The course actually plays and looks fine, records completion, etc. however, my Rep refuses to move forward with moving this course to Production because of this error (understandable).

I've reached out to eLearning Brothers help (via submitting a ticket) but the support contact either forgot about me or can't figure out how to fix this, as I haven't heard from him in a few days.

Does anyone know what this is or how to fix it? I've been researching circular dependencies and I think I could explain them to someone, but I don't see any info out there regarding Lectora files or how to remove them.

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!

Lectora 19.0.4

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    Please post the imsmanifest.xml here, zip it if necessary. We have seen this with some older LMSs that have some problem with their manifest parsers, but I'd love to see if anyone can identify a real circular dependency in that manifest file. I'll send @Jennifer092378 a $20 Amazon Gift certificate if one is found!


  • Jennifer092378
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    Your team has been amazing, I truly appreciate all of the help. Shout out to John Holland (who did not forget about me.) The gift card promise is hilarious. xml posted. Thanks again for the support!
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    A post to close this issue. Members of eLearning Brothers Customer Success and Development teams met with support engineers from Blackboard to discuss the issue of this Warning Message. After examining multiple Manifest files, the Blackboard reps were not able to identify any circular dependencies. They are taking the issue and many samples we provided to their Development team as a possible bug with Blackboard's manifest parser.

    Blackboard reps also stated that since there are no errors in the running of the uploaded course, our customer can ignore this warning message and can assume it is a faulty warning message.

    eLearning brothers team has since provided Blackboard with more sample courses to help Blackboard in their investigation of this erroneous warning message. We will continue to work with Blackboard and other LMS vendors to ensure eLearning Brothers rockstars receive the best experience with our software and services.