Lectora 21(.0.3) Major Action Issues

mggarris Community Member, Lectora® Accessibility Group (LAUG) Member, eLearning Brothers® Partner Posts: 1 ☆ Roadie ☆
edited November 24, 2021 in Lectora Desktop
Is anyone else having major issues with actions in Lectora 21 when attempting to edit courses created in prior versions? I actually don't think it has anything to do with the course being created in a prior version though. I have a course with a game I created, so of course there are a lot of actions and action groups, but for whatever reason, Lectora 21 is getting stuck somewhere along the way and not performing all of the actions for any given button, clicked image, etc. I've played with order of actions to see if I can find where the snag is happening, but with no luck. Simple actions seem to be fine, but when action groups or more complicated/longer lists of actions come into play, it seems to be causing major issues that weren't present in Lectora 18. Is there a known issue? If so, when can a fix be expected? Thank you.