Tracking Metrics & LMS

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For tracking actions inside the VR experience, we understand that we would need to set values to variables upon user action triggers. Assuming we package it as xAPI/SCORM zip, could you please share some insights on how this will be tracked and displayed in the LMS?


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    When published to xAPI, CenarioVR automatically sends out statements for just about everything that happens in a scenario. Every click, every question answered as well as how much time it takes to answer, every scene that was entered as well as how much time was spent in the scene, as well as every time a variable is updated, score and completion status, and then a final reporting of variable values. You would only need to use variables if you were looking for custom data to track within your scenario that's not automatically tracked.

    In the video for custom analytics:


    I show how it is displayed inside of CenarioVR, but this CenarioVR Analytics when the content is run in CenarioVR. When run on your LMS, the most important item would be that your LMS supports xAPI, so that you can use an xAPI publish. Variable updates are sent via the "updated" statement, variable values are sent as extensions to the "completed" statement. How that is displayed is really up to the LMS itself.