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So I've been using Lectora for years and like to think of myself pretty profiecent with the tool and can troubleshoot pretty well. Now I'm not saying I did everything perfect, but I can't find out why my "Next" button doesn't work on only a couple pages.

I have a test with a couple questions on each page. In the bottom right there is a "Check" button first, and when both question variables are "not empty", it will process and check the questions and the "Next" button shows up. However, on page 2 when you click the "Next" button it will not go to the next page. The variables are set up for simply "Next Page", when I debug it shows the action firing but doesn't do anything. I've even just copied the button from a page that works and put it on page 2 and THAT one doesn't work. When I publish the course, it doesn't work on that page either.

I'm at a loss at this point what could. I even created a button on page 2 that can jump to page 4 when clicked. If I copy that button and put it on page 1, it works perfectly. If I try the new button on page 2, it doesn't work.

Anyone got any ideas what could be going on? I feel like there is a glitch with my course right now and I do NOT want to have to start over. Thanks for any help!



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    Corrupted file, is my instinct. AWT files are a subtype of XML. If you open it up in WordPad or something, you can probably find a duplication of tags or something that's confusing the Lectora JavaScript player. This is something I've done, but you have to be comfortable with XML. (SAVE A COPY FIRST!)

    The simplest thing to do would be to open a brand new Lectora file and copy/paste your pages into it. That has fixed almost every navigation problem I have experienced.