Publish settings associated with a course rather than the Author

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Publish Settings can be very sensitive, particularly on a SCORM publish but also in other situations. For example one small inconsistency in Meta data between publishes can change the Manifest and give rise to a loss of all student progress on the LMS. When moving between authors it is easy to make such errors.

Currently Publish Settings are Per Author Per Project.

We would like an option for one or more Publish Settings to be storable Per Project selectable at point of publish by any author - then they can be standardised across a team for a given application of a Project.

On Publish an Author might be offered :

Custom settings (your own)
Choose from these Standard Sets

So perhaps there are different ways the Project is deployed e.g. 3 standard Settings like this:
  • SCORM 1.2 LMS 1 Customer ABC
  • SCORM 1.2 LMS 2 Customer XYZ
  • HTML For demonstrations
These standard settings could be created by any author, or perhaps limited to an "Owner"?
The Custom setting (your own) would function as it does now.

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