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I'm rebuilding a previously authored course from a pre-responsive version of Inspire. I have rebuilt the menu (tried both from TOC and manually) but when attempting to size the menu grid to use a font size and container appropriate to the screen and learning content size, the Size control on the Position and Size tab is greyed out and locked. Is this by design or is there a configuration I'm missing?

I can adjust the font size but the menu cells won't adjust, the result being the text wraps and overlaps with other menu and submenu items. I'm currently working on the full screen responsive display (1920 x 1080). The smaller font will work for the tablet and phone displays but not for the large screen format.

What's the solution?

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    The menu size cannot be set for the menu object in total. You can set the size of the items in the "Menu Style" tab of the setting. Either activate "Fit to text" and add a margin or deactivate and enter width and height in px.