CenarioVR not working with Lectora

rcatalino1763 Community Member Posts: 10 ☆ Roadie ☆
I built a simple project in CenarioVR. The biggest thing it does is allow movement from scene to scene so it is very simple. I published it as HTML5 to import into Lectora. I grabbed it through the CenarioVR option within Lectora and it pulls in there with no issue. When I view it in Lectora it will not allow me to go past the first screen. I published it on my ftp platform to test it and it does the same thing. When I click a hot spot to connect to the next scene it makes all of the items on my screen disappear, leaves me with an empty 360 room, and does not go anywhere. I pulled in a sample that I found in the discussions and it works fine within Lectora. What could possibly cause my project to not work when I import it?