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Is it possible to set up re-testing for people who did not pass. The test would only include questions that were not passed? Could re-tests be set up to test only on selected areas of the exam rather than the whole exam? It's a randomized exam. 75 questions out of 125 question bank. @Chris Paxton , @cainam


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    What you're describing is possible, depending on the details of your requirements. The simplest thing would be to make each "selected area" that you're describing a separate SCO (Shareable Content Object) in the SCORM model, and let each be passed/failed separately. Then the LMS would only assign the student to retake those quizzes which were failed. Basically, each would be a Lectora "course" (which does not require the LMS to call them courses).

    If you want to track individual questions within each area, it becomes trickier and would require a way to save persistent data outside the normal Lectora variables model, because once a unit is passed/failed, the LMS will generally assign it to a person "as new" and with variables reset.
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    Thank you for the information. Sounds like it requires advanced programming.
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    The "random" part causes a complication. If it were not random then one easy way to implement it (if this would work for you) is to use some actions and variables.

    Modify variable Retesting to "true" before starting the retest.

    Then run On Show actions conditionally (Retesting equals true) when going through the test on each page.

    On Show - If the Question Answered Correctly Goto Next Page
    - else Reset the Question (Modify Question -> Reset)

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    I like this.... thanks for the details and idea. My team is dabbling with this ability.
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    @Wheels, but wouldn't the variables be reset if the student's status gets set to completed or failed?