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I'm trying to make sure my course works on pcs, phones and tablets in both landscape and portrait modes. I have everything formatted/fitting on the pages correctly except one page and it's only a problem using an ipad/tablet. The page is designed to show when a button is pushed, but be smaller (like a pop up) and able to be closed to continue on in the course. On tablets, I can only see the left 3rd of the content on the page, but in the Lectora software, everything appears to be where it should be. I considered just resizing the page for the tablet views, but can't figure out how to do that. Any suggestions?

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    @awaid9938 popups do not work well on mobile devices. It is best practice to replace those with a page. Navigate to the page conditionally based on if CurrentView contains tablet OR CurrentView contains phone then on that page you would have a "close" button that would Go to Previous Page. (or you can leave out the conditions and do it in all cases and avoid a popup)