Changing Pop Up Title in Lectora

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Hi, Everyone.
How can we change a pop up title in Lectora.

After Publishing a course in HTMl, the pop up title reflects that name which have used as at the page.
Does anyone know how to edit the title of the feedback box pop-up? I don't know where I can find the properties for the pop-up window.


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    edited July 21, 2021
    The dialog / pop-up title is the project name. Lectora does not currently have a configuration option to support changing it. However, as always, with Lectora there is a way. ;)

    I have attached an example. There is CSS to hide the title so it isn't shown initially with the wrong text. Then there is an action that runs on an interval which updates the title text and shows it. You can have this globally or have different actions for different chapters, sections, pages.

    For the attached example change the file extension to .pkg (remove the .zip extension) and then import the Lectora Online PKG file (it imports to desktop or online). The forum will not attach the file if it is pkg extension, we will try to get this fixed.

    Hope this helps.