Custom JavaScript not Recognizing Object Names

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Hello Rockstars,

I'm using Lectora Online and am trying to implement custom javascript. When I reference an object using getDisplayDocument().getElementById("[objectName]") in the Run Custom JavaScript field it returns an error that the referenced object is 'null'. This happens whether I use the name I have given it or use the HTML name assigned by Lectora.

I have managed to get text objects to work, but only by accessing the HTML and manually adding id="[objectName]" as an attribute to the

tag. Am I missing something simple here?


  • cainam
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    (I don't personally use this much, so pardon me if I'm off-base) - are you accessing the items like this, or using another method?

    - Adam Cain
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    You can setup a JavaScript variable that points to the Lectora object.

    For example:

    Button GREEN
    (add an action to the button)
    On Page Show -> Run JavaScript -> getDisplayWindow().greenButton = %HTMLNAME%;

    To show the button from JavaScript:

    To get to the Lectora object DOM structure reference the object's div element:
  • ccowan-3574
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    Cainam - Thanks for your reply. Yes, that was one of the ways I tried to access the items without any luck. I really appreciate your response, though.

    Wheels - That helps! I gave your example a try and it worked. So going forward I'll follow that format - setting up a variable for objects that I want to work with. Thank you very much!!