Receiving Message About File Created in Older Version of Lectora, But It's Not

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Thursday (June 24), I created a course in Lectora21 Desktop. Today (June 25), I opened the course using Lectora21 Desktop and I received a pop-up message (see below) stating that I created the course in an older version of Lectora and might convert some objects to a new format.

I will confess right now that I still have Lectora18 on my desktop (didn't upgrade to Lectora19 so I jumped a version and am struggling to let the older version go), BUT... I did not open it through that version. It was solely opened and built in Lectora21.

While this isn't a major issue, it is going to get annoying pretty fast with the amount of courses I build in a given week. If I have to suck it up, I will.

Anyone have any ideas?

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    @angelsweetie, that bug surfaced when we reinstated patch updates with v 21.0.1. We're in the final testing of a 21.0.2 patch that includes a blast of digital Raid to kill that annoying bug dead.
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