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Last question in Test not allowing learners to continue

skings5565 Community Member Posts: 12 ☆ Roadie ☆
For our e-learning courses, we have setup a question bank where 5 questions are chosen at random. In the test behavior tab, we have ticked the box 'Show Feedback for Each Question'. For some reason it won't allow us to continue using a 'continue' button on the last question (Q5), unless we untick 'Show Feedback for Each Question'. This is a bit annoying as we want to show feedback for each question.

Has anyone found a similar problem?

We are using Lectora 19 (v19.0.4)


  • jholland
    jholland Rockstar Manager Posts: 21 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hello. I set up a test course with 7 questions in a pool, and choosing 5. When I run through the course, I can continue properly from the 5th question to the "Last test page" where the submit button resides.

    In your course, what is the page after the last question? In other words, where would a "Go to Next Page" action take the learner?

    Are you using the function "Show Test Results" ?

    Are the 5 questions out of a pool larger than 5 or is it 5 questions being asked in random order each time?

    Where are you seeing this behavior? Run or Preview mode? Or when you publish out to a web server or LMS?
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