Refresh/Reload button?

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I thought I saw this somewhere before, but I am at a loss to where. When publishing in Lectora 19 with Seamless Play checked, the JavaScript to reload the window doesn't work. Pretty sure this is a known bug in L19. Trying to see if there is a work around or a fix that I could be overlooking?

I have tried creating a blank page with a variable (OnPageShow GoTo Last Visited Page and Timed Interval with a delay of 1 second GoTo Last Visited Page) but with Seamless Play checked it takes me back 1 or 2 pages instead of the one I was just on?


  • wheels
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    I tried your approach with a blank page and one On Show Go to Last Visited Page, that worked for me.

    If you want a JavaScript solution to reload the page, here you go:
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    Thank you for the response Wheels, not sure why I can't get the new blank page to work, but I had several ppl on my team try and they also were jumping back to far.

    The JavaScript you provided seems to work fine in Edge and Chrome but in Firefox the audio won't restart, the rest of the page reloads fine. :(