Weird Information Showing in Screen

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So I have a translated File I imported into Lectora, it looks fine in the Lectora Publisher program, but when I preview I get all kinds of weird information showing. On one screen each row of text has a number at the beginning. I cut all the text out and pasted into notepad and reposted the information and its much better, but on some of the lines I have an underscore _ just randomly in a blank line. Is there a way to view the coding (like the view format function in Microsoft Word). I think the sytem is reading the French punctuations
and putting weird numbers and text in.



  • raung-naing
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    Hi - Can you provide a small sample project file in English so that I can try to reproduce the issue by translating to French and importing back into Lectora?. You can just copy one page that shows the issue into a new project, save and zip up the project folder that has the .awt file.

  • aereaut-1399
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    Here is the Project with the English Page and French Page. I have also included the file the page of the translation.
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    I think you are on the right path with notepad. Pasting text with special characters into text boxes, or object names, can cause problems. We see a lot of this when people use Microsoft Word and the bullets, en-dashes, em-dashes, smart quotes, etc. end up causing problems in Lectora. Best practice is to use notepad as a paste/copy location in between.

    Is it possible you have more than one text box laid on top of another? The clipping in your image could be caused by another text box where the special characters have not been removed.
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    @aereaut-1399 The sample title was done with Lectora version 16. I tested the sample title with the current version 19 and did not see the issue you mentioned. May be you can download the current trial version and see if it solves the problem for you. Please be advised that any title you create or open with version 19 will not be opened with version 16. So when doing any test, make sure you make a copy of the original title.