Is it possible to create a dynamic list that auto updates upon a completed test?

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So I am creating a test for our organization. When they finish and get their score, I will have a button appear if they fail and say "Go To Education", or something like that. On that education page I would like to have a list of all the items they got wrong, and then they would click the question they want to review and go to that specific page. I got all of that taken care of with my proof of concept, but there are over 50 questions in the real test. I don't want to have 50 buttons/links on the education page, I would like to only show what they got wrong. Hence, the ask to have a dynamic list. Does this make sense? Anyone have any thoughts? I know there is a "Show Test Results" option, I just want to make it much more interactive and engaging then their option. Thanks!


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    I don't have a good way off the top of my head - but just as an alternative method if you don't come up with something - you could have a button to review the content that they missed questions on as a whole, and then take them back to the first page they missed a question on, and show different navigation. Instead of the typical 'next' button, maybe a button that says 'continue to content you missed a question on' or similar. On that button is where you would continue to do your programming. The original button to take them back to the first page they missed a question on would be something like: (Action: go to page 1 -> condition if question 1 was wrong) (Action: go to page 2 -> condition if question 2 was wrong), etc. For each subsequent page, copy/paste that button/actions, but remove the action for the page you already passed up.

    For simplicity, you could also hide the 'back' button in addition to the 'next' button so that you don't have to program that as well, or of course you could program the back button in reverse). Does that makes sense? Or did you come up with a way to do what you were originally intending?
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    If you were to import something like node.js, you could have a dynamically-built accordion structure (or whatever control you want), but that would require a fair amount of straight-up coding in JavaScript, none of it is built into Lectora as far as I know.