Order of Actions on Submit - inconsistancy

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Hi all, I have a series of questions that seem to be displaying inconsistent fire order when I verify with Debug mode.

Perhaps someone can shed some light on extra space after the initial square-left bracket?
Action [ on Submit] fired!
...this happens only occasionally. Also, why is the this line last to show on the Debug when it's literally the Action that initiated the sequence?
  • Click Submit Button
  • ProcessQuestion with 1 attempt on the condition is Correct
  • There is Feedback (on Process Question) to Run the Correct Logic Group if correct, else none
  • Set a Feedback contents to "That's correct." or "That's Incorrect"
  • Show Feedback
  • Disable Submit
  • Show Explanation text if incorrect

Noticing a few times the debug mode order does not exactly mirror the order in the Title Explorer (specifically when passing through commands coming from ProcessQuestion Feedback, then back to other actions which should be triggered after). Concerned if I'm timing object delays for a screen reader.



  • timk
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    edited April 29, 2021
    The Term "on Submit" means actions that are run related to the button called "Submit". The first action on your button is "Process Q if correct" and that is also the first in the debug log. It's followed by "readVariable..." that is done to check the condition.

    That last entry in the log might be an action Lectora adds for Feedback or Attempts when no action has been defined: in place of the blank should be the name of the action. If you only process the question if correct, it may be the empty "If incorrect" Feedback or the empty "Maximum attempts feedback".