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I inherited a Lectora file and am still learning Lectora. If a Next button is set to Initially Hidden, will it become visible at some point WITHOUT an action or variable? My file has a mix of Next buttons - some are Initially Hidden and others are not. But the user can move ahead in either case. The issue I have is that one of these Next buttons stayed hidden and they couldn't move forward. All pages inherit

Also, I understand that layering of objects goes from bottom to top, i.e., the bottom item under the page icon is the top-most layer visible on the screen. Does this same reverse order apply to how Actions and Action Groups fire? Thanks for your time.


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    1. Nothing will ever happen unless you take action
    An initally hidden object won't appear by itself, so you need an action to show it. Actions may depend on variables but the pure change of a variable value won't show the object. You can show it if a certain condition is met.

    2. That's right. The further up an object is in the title explorer, the further below it is in the layering order.

    3. The sequence in that actions are executed is also defined by the order in the title explorer. Actions that are further up are run first. Actions in Action Groups are run in the position of the "Run action group" action, i.e. before actions that come below in the title explorer.