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jgreen6486 Community Member Posts: 8 ☆ Roadie ☆
I need to get a new computer. My Surface Pro doesn't have power that I need (lots of lag time between edit and preview mode.

I run Adobe Creative Cloud programs and Lectora (sometimes multiple instances of Lectora) at the same time along with all the usual suspects such as chrome/outlook/snagit. etc.

Any recommendations on specs and/or brand would be appreciated.


  • cainam
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    Not a specific recommendation - a lot out there, and a lot depends on the type of editing you do in Creative Cloud, but the 3 things that should get most of your attention:
    - RAM (I wouldn't get anything less than 16 GB, 32 GB preferred if editing HD video)
    - Processor
    - Graphics Card

    ... and Hard drive space especially if you edit much video.
    - Adam Cain