Who to contact to get an upgrade?

changhsuliu Community Member, Lectora® Accessibility Group (LAUG) Member, eLearning Brothers® Partner Posts: 2 ☆ Roadie ☆
I submitted my request for getting a new key for v19 but nobody replied with a key to use. I submitted my support request and nobody answered. We pay yearly and I tried to get a new key since 2020 and still no key for v19.
Also supposedly we get access eLearning brothers' assess library with yearly subscription. Who to contact to get access?



  • scoggins
    scoggins Administrator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 24 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    Hello Peter,
    I have reviewed your account and find that you were originally sent your Lectora 19 license in December 2020, and again in March as requested. The emails were sent to your work email. If you cannot locate the emails in your spam folder, then please email me [email protected] direct from your work email and I will provide you the license information. In the meantime, you may download Lectora 19 from here: https://knowledgebase.elearningbrothers.com/download-the-latest-version-of-lectora

    Best regards,
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