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Hi all,
Is there a feature in Lectora that you can add a location to, and when a user accesses the course, can show the distance to that location from where they currently are?

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  • carlfink
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    You want geolocation?

    I think you could use the Geolocation API that's part of JavaScript, but you'd have to code it yourself. It isn't built into Lectora as far as I know. Also, the student would have to give permission for the course to use location services.
  • andrew-robertson
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    Hi Grover -

    I was going down the exact same route thing at our office to deliver learning content based on a users geographical location (we have 80+ offices across Canada). I began investigating the use of a readily available API with the possible purchase of an account. I was able to create the proof of concept using JQuery and iFrame to get the information in (a map of their current location), but our IT Security guys have it obviously locked down to come out of a single location (makes sense).

    I was able to actually pull the user's data and location in from an API that our IT Sys Admins made to use across our multitude of systems so I am now able to use the SCORM API to get the user's ID, then use a dynamically made link to get JSON data, parse that as required, and then look up their geographical location against a JSON table of longitudes and latitudes. Convoluted way i know but it works.

    That all being said, if you'd like to chat more please let me know.
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