Accessibility Simultaneous Text Blocks on MouseClick

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Mouse Click text block show, when there is more that one text block to reveal - works in some circumstances. Read by JAWS.

How It's been able to work Scenario:
Page with 3 buttons, as each button is clicked, each show their appropriate text block (else hide). Once all have been clicked, a variable condition will be met and show a final text message. Originally, it would skip the last selected pop-up text as when there are two Show text blocks actions set simultaneously, it will only read the final message. However, placing a 0.5 second delay on the final reveal text block (the one set to Show once the variable sees that all three buttons have been clicked) the screen reader appropriate saw and read them both. Yay!

But this method did not working when applied to a Question Submit button (although definitely was working last year prior to updating to Lectora 19.0.4)

Not working (anymore) Scenario:
Multiple choice single answer. 3 choices. On Submit there are 2 text blocks to show. A text block that populates feedback pulled from a variable depending on the outcome (for simplicity, let's say Correct, Try again and Incorrect type responses stored as a var for consistency, ease of translation and maintenance), and then a corresponding explanation text block that only appears when the learner is incorrect.

One would think that using the same method would produce the same result. But it does not. Example: On Submit Mouse Click.
  • Set text of initially hidden "Feedback" to "correctvaluetext" if (correct) else set text to...
  • Show Feedback
  • Disable Submit
  • Show Explanation text (delay 1sec) if not correct
Depending on how I order/trigger the feedback(s) it will only read one or the other now, but not both. Odd that it's the same method but one doesn't work, perhaps it's how Lectora is rendering the code for the page that contains a question... it seems to be the only difference. Ideas?



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    Interesting. Do you have a copy of the course published before v19.0.4 where it works? I am curious if you have it pinpointed to that level of detail. If you do, and can share the published output with support we would greatly appreciate it.

    One thing you might try is adding a delay also to the show feedback action (say 0.5) and then put an on show action on the feedback text to show the explanation text (conditionally) with a 0.5 delay (essentially moving the show action for the explanation text specified above)

    The issue here is getting the screen reader to notice the change and not be interrupted with the next show until it has started reading. Hopefully this will help.
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    Thanks for the reply. Testing this out to whip up a demo (cannot share my client's course) I'm a bit concerned at the inconsistency in readable screen-reader playback, sometimes the button reveal reads, other times no. But inconsistent behaviour via the Lectora Question Creator too.
    The course made in L18 last year went through some rigorous testing with our Accessibility partners to verify that the delay show enabled two text boxes to be picked up and an update to L19.0.4 seems to have messed that up. I no longer have L18 to produce another demo in that version.
    (similar demo attached)
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    Thanks, we are looking into fixing this.

    Currently it looks like you have to have a delay of 2 seconds in some of my testing. Another option is to show the two text boxes at the same time and then after 2 seconds hide & show the second text block to ensure it is read.

    - Joe
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    Hi Joe,

    A 2 second delay, although tiny, is a hard sell for my partners (we're updating a large number of courses to L19 in an attempt to make them accessible). For example, in a situation like once some pop-ups have been seen having a text (and/or image) appear with something like a policy.

    I've put together an awt file that contains a fraction of my finding while testing using JAWS (still waiting on a colleague who's checking on NVDA).

    Things like:
    • the extra text not read with delay. This one is puzzling because when with just button reveals, a 0.7 second delay triggers the TWO reads (let's say 50% of the time), yet when the same logic is competing with a ProcessQuestion generated command fire it works 0% of the time
    • when showing a Group with Text (1st) and image (2nd) (neither set to top) it's read in the reverse order (image first then Text), breaking the rule that the order displayed in the Lectora Title Explorer is how it will be read... so is it he rule, but not in groups?
    • some triggers in the Final Feedback option (Question Creator) will actually beak the page, yet they are still available to choose, the only way to get them to fire is to move the stand alone command into a Group and Run Group on Final Feedback.
    • Showing a hidden question didn't seem to read
    If this is the case that some of these are accessibility limitations, does this mean they'll be (or should be) errors and warnings in a Lectora Accessibility Title Check? Currently both the authoring tool is allowing the developer to build outside the limitations of the tool (in some cases it would make sense to disable options on the ribbon if the Title Options is set to "Use Web Accessibility Settings") and not identify them as issues in an Accessibility Title Check.

    I do appreciate you looking into this Joe. It's a beast of logic to make things accessible and as much as some organizations thing it's an afterthought, it's very much moving more and more to the forefront, and in some corporate training (often regulated situations) an absolute decision maker as to which tool to use for eLearning.

    Thanks again,
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    I believe all these issues will be corrected with v21 THANK YOU for the examples.

    I will send you a link to this title published with v21 so you can let us know if you still see problems.

    - Joe

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    Thanks Joe, I was able to hear both the two text boxes as well as the images (shapes in this case) reading in order.

    Am I correct in assuming this was a fix that can't be replicated in L19?

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    TBD by Product Management, but there is so much goodness in v21 you might want to seriously consider it.
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    I just ran into this issue. JAWS will read pop-ups launched by a link automatically but not those that are generated by the course, such as question feedback and the bookmarking notice.

    JAWS will read these pop-ups, however, if a user clicks on the pop-up and presses the Insert and Down Arrow keys.

    This issue didn't exist before the latest version of L19 was installed.

    Accessibility is a must-have for most organizations, so this issue has to be fixed.