Text Line spacing all wrong

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I imported a .pkg file from Lectora Online to Lectora 19. What was a Line Spacing of 1.25 lines in Online came in as 1.4 in Lectora 19. Even that is not what is appearing onscreen, where the line height is way too high. Previewing in browser is showing me a condensed line height completely different than the edit view. Is there a way to get line height working in Lectora 19?


  • scoggins
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    Hi Ben,
    I ran a test using text and bullet items in a .pkg exported from Lectora Online to Desktop and did not see the same differences you did. I saw a subtle difference in the line height with Desktop being smaller, not larger as you describe. If you have not already, please submit a support ticket about this behavior. Please include a sample .pkg if possible, and a comparison screen shot would be great, too. There are some differences between the 2 products related to text rendering, so we may not have a quick solution. Some differences may require manually applying settings.