Embedding Content PDF/ YouTube/ Vimeo / iframe

hvaughan-2540 Community Member Posts: 131 ✶ Headliner ✶
It would be good to be able to embed iframed content / PDFs (with scrollers) and YouTube and Vimeo videos.
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  • carlfink
    carlfink Community Member Posts: 825 ☆ Superstar ☆
    In other VR environments, there's the ability to add web content in general (essentially embedding an iFrame or the equivalent). By allowing what is in effect a web browser you can include almost any content. It has been a near-standard since at least Second Life.
  • johnb
    johnb Community Member, Rockstar Manager Posts: 43 ☆ Superstar ☆
    You can add PDF's as attachments, and link to things like YouTube Videos, although they will be in a new window rather than an iFrame, and will not be available in VR.
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