A custom quiz with some scored, some not scored

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I need to implement a custom quiz with the following requirement.

There are 6 questions on the same page after viewing a video.
• 2 questions are scored.
• 2 questions are sub-question of the first 2, it only shows up and scored if the user answers YES on the first part.
• 2 questions are not scored but user answers are saved to LMS

I can manually calculate the score and the results (completion status, pass/fail grade, score) display on the course page of the LMS (Workday Learning) OK. The reports, on the other hand, ignore my custom AICC_Score and status and display the results differently. Upon investigation, I found it takes every question in the course into consideration. The score and grade are based on total correct answers / total questions in the quiz. If a sub-question is not used for a specific page, it's considered a wrong answer. (I know I can remove the questions not used, but I'd like to create a template that does not need manual work.) The last 2 questions which should not be evaluated are also used to calculate the score. The pass/fail grade is then based on the score it calculates.

For sub-questions, I may fix it by putting a default choice and the right answer is assigned to that default choice if it's not used. For questions not socred, I can't think of a way to make it work. I tried assigning 0 value to them while the rest 1, but that didn't help. They're still used in the calculation of the score. I also tried to use survey questions, but they can't be placed together with other questions. Once copied over, they become a test question.

What is your advice to make it work for this custom quiz?


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    You can use the Feedback settings of the question and process it "immediately", i.e. when an answer is selected or add the actions to the radio buttons or checkboxes "On: Select / Change".


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    Why do you use a Test? The main purpose of the test chapter is to evaluate all questions in it together. If that's not what you want you'll be better off using a normal page with independent questions. All values the test chapter provides, can easily be calculated, esp. when there are only 6 questions in total ... or 2 if you leave out the sub-questions.
  • changhsuliu
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    Can I still have all answers, grade, and score recorded that way?
  • timk
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    Of course using the test is easier as it does most of this automatically.

    Record answers:
    Check "Retain value between sessions" in the questions properties. This will store the answer in the cmi.suspend_data field of the LMS. This is not a test property, so it would be done exactly the same with a test.

    Record score:
    You'd have to calculate the score yourself, but then you can only consider selected questions instead of all questions. When you calculated the score, you need an action to set "AICC_Score" equal to this calculated value. AICC_Score is the value that is sent to the LMS. If you used a test this would be done automatically. You wrote that you already do these calculations and by removing the test your score won't be overwritten by the test score anymore.

    Record grade:
    You need an action to set "AICC_Lesson_Status" (depending on the Scorm version you use) to either "completed", "passed" or "failed". Add conditions to these actions that compare the score with a passing score of your choice.
  • changhsuliu
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Tim.
    We will experiment with your direction and report back. We encountered one obstacle. All questions are on the same page. The sub-question only shows up if No is chosen in the main question. How can check the user answers on the main question without having a submit button? It look odd that a student needs to submit on individual questions on a same page.
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    @changhsuliu thank you for asking this question. While I don't have a similar issue, I have another scenario that I believe @timk 's answer really helps me!

    Just wanted to send out a thank you to @timk with the detailed response.
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