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Hi guys,

I have developed a course and have encountered two issues when I run through JAWS.
  1. When the page loads JAWS reads it as "frame 1...."
  2. JAWS keeps repeating the Question text every time I select different option in Multiple choice questions

Any help would be really appreciated.



  • AndrewTownsend
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    This would be a great question for the Accessibility group. If you aren't already a member of the Lectora Accessibility User Group here in the community, you can join it and post the question there.
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  • web-foley
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    Hi Soni,

    With regard to your frame title being read, you could try adding something that was passed on to me and see if it helps... Add an HTML Extension (Insert ribbon) at the course (or AU) level, Custom DIV:


    I suspect Lectora is running the course in something like a frame so that it can store/track learner data without needing cookies etc.... but ya, hate the fact that it reads it by default.

    As for the JAWS reader picking up the question twice, I'm learning that Lectora really needs to step up their game on how their pages, especially those with questions are rendered and available to a screen reader. Double reads or omitting text blocks is was too common. I'd say about half of the question pages I create with the Lectora Question Creator do not read properly.

  • wheels
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    In v21 we have removed the frame titles. We also have it on our roadmap to remove the frames as well.