This new forum STINKS

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Man, good job messing up a really good forum for Lectora, folks. Good luck finding any of the goodies, tips, tricks, templates, and goodness that used to be here.


  • Christie Calahan
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    Hi Joe,

    We take your feedback very seriously. We have run into some issues with redirecting links so we are currently discussing a better way to offer and organize resources including cool templates, widgets, and client examples. But perhaps we can solve your immediate issue. How can we help you?
    CHRISTIE CALAHAN  |  Senior Director of Marketing
    [email protected]
  • joejubee
    joejubee Community Member Posts: 323 ✶ Headliner ✶
    Ok, I'm over my "old man" moment - you know what I'm talking about. Like, when iOS updates on grandpa's phone and he throws a hissy fit because the icons have changed or elements have moved from one menu to another. I'm still miffed about the forum changing, but that's just because it's new.

    I'm also revising my thoughts about the "Bros" taking over Lectora. I actually had a 30 minute Zoom call with a Lectora expert to go over some xAPI issues I was having. I went in skeptical, but left super impressed, and very excited about where this community and product is heading.