Inheritance for objects across scenes (Sorry if already a thing)

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Hi there,
I am very fond of using menus that I create on CVR that have the same actions across all scenes. So far I have not found any way to inherit these across the scenes and have to copy and paste them across all of the scenes. Is there a simpler way, or is it a feature request?
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  • hvaughan-2540
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    Select multiple objects in a scene and right click > Create Clip. But be careful, if you want to change the clip you have to start all over again. Ideally clips should be placed in a library where they be edited and all changes updated in all scenes where the clip has been placed.
  • johnb
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    Right, there is no concept of inheritance in CVR as there is in Lectora
  • MRG
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    I struggle with this as well. I have the same (complex) menu in 10+ scenes, and if I need to change something I have to do that 10+ times. The main problem in my case is that some of the menu items need to behave differently in each scene (to pause a particular object for instance), so I cannot have one and the same menu shown in every scene.

    Suggestion: in the scene bar on the left, have a separate menu area where you can define your main menu as you normally would in a scene, and have a special menu section per scene where that main menu is mirrored (copied?). Then when editing elements of one of those mirrored menus, these edits should only be applied to that instance of the menu. And edits of the main menu should be applied to all instances.

  • CarlJFink
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    Bu there should be. I'm not saying it would be easy to implement, just that it would be super useful.