Communicating with Other Community Members

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Video Transcript:

A community, at its heart, is about people. So what are the different ways of reaching out to other community members? If you come across someone you’d like to connect with, select their name and you’ll see a small profile preview window. Here you can see how many discussions they’ve started, how many comments they’ve left, when they joined the community and when they were last active. If you select “View Profile” you’ll be taken to their full profile page. Here you can see their badges, contact information, and a larger version of their profile picture. You can also send them a direct message by selecting "message" here, or in the profile preview window. Different from a direct message, you can also comment on their profile but note that the comment will be viewable to anyone who visits the individual’s profile page.

You can send messages to one or more community members by selecting the messages icon in the top right hand corner, and then selecting New Message. Then just type in the user names of those who you’d like to message, type your message, and hit “post message.”

And with that you’re prepared to begin communicating with other community members. Thanks for joining us, and have fun rocking!
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