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Inside the profile section you’ll find several quick links. The first is “edit profile,” but we’ll come back to that one. Below that you’ll find posts that you’ve bookmarked, any draft posts and comments you’ve created but not published, as well as all of the discussions that you have started. If you select “edit profile,” you’ll see the initial screen where you can edit your email address, and choose whether other members can see your email or not. On the right sidebar you will also have options to change your password, manage your notification preferences, change your profile picture, edit the signature that will display after every one of your posts and comments, and adjust your quote settings.

Let’s dive in a little deeper to the notification settings.

There are two types of notifications: emails and popups. Email notifications will be sent to your attached email address notifying you of activity. Popup notifications will show up in the bell icon in the top right hand corner of the community. You can choose to have one, both, or neither for each of the listed notification types.

Perhaps you joined the community for a specific topic, such as CenarioVR. You can scroll down to the category notifications and set to be notified whenever there is a discussion or comment within that category. By using these notification features you can stay on top of topics and discussions that are important to you, without having to sift through those that aren’t.

And with that you’re set up to manage your notification settings. Thanks for joining us, and have fun rocking!
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