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Video Transcript:

With eLearning Brothers offering so many products and solutions the community can seem overwhelming when trying to find content relevant to you. There are several ways to manage this.

First, you can bookmark discussions that you find interesting. To do this simply click on the bookmark icon at the top of a post, or the side of the post preview. Bookmarked posts will show up under your profile picture in the bookmarks section.

Second, if you find a specific category that you know you’re going to be returning to often you can follow it by navigating to the category and selecting “follow” at the top. Once you’ve followed all the categories that you wish to follow, go back to the general categories section, and change the view from “all” to “following.” Now you will only see the categories that you are following. Similarly, if you navigate to the discussions section and set the view from “all” to “following,” it will only display the posts that are within the categories that you are following.

And with that you’re ready to start following categories and posts! Thanks for joining us, and have fun rocking!
Andrew Townsend | Campaign Marketing Manger
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