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Welcome to the eLearning Brothers ROCKSTARS Community. Here you can post discussions, connect with other users, share your eLearning projects, and get help when you’re feeling stuck. You can also earn badges by being an active member and helping your fellow eLearning developers.

Across the top is the main navigation bar. Here you’ll see Greatest Hits, Discussions, Categories, Groups, KnowledgeBase, and a link to Also, a search button to quickly find keywords in discussions, the notification bell, your messages inbox, and your profile icon. We’ll go through each of these.

The home page, or Discussions page, is where all of the most recent activity in the community lives, listed with announcements first, and then most recent activity. You can find lots of interesting current discussions here. You can also see that it shows who most recently commented, the date it was last commented on, and what category the discussion lives in.

When you select a discussion, you’ll see the full initial post, as well as all of the comments on that post. If you’d like to leave a comment of your own, scroll to the bottom and leave it there. If you’d like to respond to a specific comment that was already made, select "quote" on their comment, and then type your response. You’ll also note that you can select like, or off topic on any comment. If you believe a comment or post is in violation of the community guidelines you can flag it for moderators to review.

Going back to the discussions page, if you’d like to start a discussion, or make a post, then select "new discussion" in the discussions or categories pages. Note that if you select the arrow next to "new discussion" you’ll see "new poll,” "new idea," and "ask a question" as well. These are different ways to start the conversation, and the way other community members react to them is different. Members can vote in polls, as well as leave comments. With ideas, users can vote up the ones they feel are most important to them in addition to leaving comments. And with questions, the original poster can select a response that meets their needs and mark it as the "best answer" to help future readers quickly find it.

The Greatest Hits section is where featured content lives. Here you’ll find the hottest topics of the day, announcements, and contests. In order for a post to make it to the Greatest Hits section it needs to receive a certain number of likes, so don’t be stingy with that like button!

Moving over to the Categories section. This is where all of the categories available in the community are listed along with their descriptions. You may have noticed these categories listed on the discussions page on the right side, but without their descriptions. You can access each category either way.

The Groups section is a great place to find conversations in more niche topics. For example, the Lectora New User Group for those who are just getting started using Lectora. The Lectora South Africa group for Lectora users in South Africa, and so on. Check out the Using Groups tutorial video to learn more about using and participating in groups.

The KnowledgeBase section will link you to the eLearning Brothers KnowledgeBase. This is a very useful tool for finding solutions to frequently asked questions in any of eLearning Brothers solutions, whether it be about authoring tools Lectora, CenarioVR, The Training Arcade, and the AssetLibrary, or our Learning Management tools such as the Rockstar Learning Platform, or Off-the-Shelf Training courses.

On the discussions and categories pages you’ll see the "quick links" section at the top of the right sidebar. Notably links to activity and unanswered questions.

By selecting "unanswered questions" you’ll find any questions that have been asked and have not had a "best answer" selection by the poster. As of this moment, there are no unanswered questions listed.

Activity will show you a live feed of what is happening in the community right now; who’s getting badges, who’s liking posts, who’s commenting. There is an option to share a post in this section, but it will not be readable anywhere except on this activity page. You can also see those who have earned the most points this week, as well as those who have earned the most points over all of time.

In the top right corner you’ll find a search button that will allow you to search the entire community. This can be very helpful in finding a specific question without having to scroll through an entire category. Next to the search button is the notification bell where you’ll receive notifications when your content is interacted with, as well as any other notifications that you set up in your notification settings. We’ll cover those in another tutorial. Next to the notifications icon is your messages notifications where you’ll be notified when you are direct messaged by other community members, and to the right of that is your profile icon where you’ll find lots of options. We’ll cover those in another tutorial as well.

And with that you’re ready to get your toes wet in the community! Thanks for joining us, and have fun rocking!
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