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I would like to add an audio file that plays accross all pages of a title.
I can't find the correct setting in the Audio / Properties tab.
Can you please indicate the procedure to do so ?
Thanks !


  • nmaharaj
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    Hello GuillaumeC,

    Add the background audio as instructed by Adam (above) then add an Action on the title level
    ba = getDisplayDocument().getElementsByTagName("audio")[0];

    Note: this will play the background audio seamlessly page after page in a loop, my suggestion is to have also have a seamless audio loop so you can't hear the start or end of the audio, lastly this will only work on publish (HTML or SCORM)

  • andrew-robertson
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    I feel bad resurrecting this older post, but I am looking to do something similar for a very basic software simulation built in Lectora v21 and it is coming along very well.

    The mp3 file should only start to play once the user clicks a button and I would like it to continue playing in the background IF the user leaves the page. I tried making this work with a basic audio file and the directions outlined above, but when I jumped to another page the mp3 stops entirely and when I return to the page I have to click the button to make the audio play again (starts over).
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