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iOS browser can't display HTML5 or SCORM version of scenario?

carlfink Community Member Posts: 738 ✶ Headliner ✶
This is a duplicate of a ticket I just submitted to ELB support. Posting here to see if anyone can duplicate. URLs removed because of proprietary info.

On my iPhone XR (freshly updated), attempting to load the SCORM version results in a dialog asking permission to use accelerometer data, then a blank white screen. Loading the HTML5 version results in the dialog "Safari needs your permission to access Motion and Orientation", but the OK button does nothing and the dialog box sits on the screen forever. Note that it's referring to Safari, but I loaded the page in Google Chrome. ??

I can load the scenario in the CVR app, but that's not what my use case calls for.

Both HTML5 and SCORM versions work fine in a Windows browser.

Thank you.
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