LO + Moodle + Android 10 or 11 = Mess

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We've recently had a slew of support cases where users accessing our Lectora Online material are not having their variables reported correctly. Causing them to not be able to move forward, get credit, or issue the certificate.

The common theme is that the users are on an Android device running 10 or 11. They're also usually in Chrome for mobile devices. We've noticed that our logs are not showing the reporting of variables specifically the test score, passing/failing, etc. correctly to our LMS, Moodle.

Is anyone aware of an update, setting, or other issues that would be causing this problem?


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    You are using Moodle 1.9 so it might be an issue with Chrome > 80 and not allowing synchronous ajax calls on page unload. Most likely it's an LMS issue here.