Contest: It's a Virtual World—Show Us Your Best Virtual Reality Course

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There’ve been quite a few new and exciting features recently released in CenarioVR, including motion paths, and drag, drop, and spin interactions. More and more creative uses for VR are coming to eLearning, and we’d like to celebrate eLearning awesomeness by giving out CASH to the coolest VR or immersive 360-degree video courses that have been made.

Submit yours today!

How to submit: You can submit your contest submission in any of the following three ways.
  1. At least three (count ‘em, 3) screenshots of your course, along with a description of what was done;
  2. A link to the actual course, along with a description of what was done; or
  3. A video screen recording of your course, along with a description of what was done.
Post your submission as a reply to this post by midnight Mountain time on Sunday, March 21, 2021. Limit one (1) submission per person.

  • 1st place $50 gift card and a winner badge!
  • 2nd place $25 gift card and a 2nd place badge!
  • 3rd place $10 gift card and a 3rd place badge!

Entries do not have to be made in CenarioVR to qualify. Winners will be selected by eLearning Brothers Community Admins, and we’ll post our selection on the contest page on Friday, March 26, 2021.

For all contest rules and guidelines click here.
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    I can't wait to see the creative things that come out of this! Good luck everyone!
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    Can't wait to see what our VR community has in store for us!
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    Looking forward to all the VR goodness! B)
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  • joejubee
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    Here's the latest one we created:

    LabTrainingVR: Biosafety Cabinet Edition
    Step into a virtual laboratory and learn how to work safely in the first-ever Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) virtual reality (VR) laboratory training course. This course enables learners to apply knowledge and practice setting up a biosafety cabinet (also known as a biological safety cabinet, or BSC) in a virtual laboratory in order to identify the major parts, demonstrate how to maintain positive airflow, demonstrate how to prepare for work, apply safe-work practices, demonstrate how to decontaminate and shutdown, and conduct emergency shutdown procedures of a Class II Biosafety Cabinet. This course is developed for laboratory professionals and supplements the existing CDC eLearning course on the same topic found on the CDC LabTraining page.

    Currently, it's on the TRAIN website as well as on STEAM

    Here's a trailer for it:

    And some screenshots

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