Closed caption text appears above cc block

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We are experiencing an odd bug whereby the cc text appears above the cc block, making it unreadable. This happens when published to SCORM and previewed in the Lectora SCORM player or uploaded and run from our SCORM server. The cc text appears within the cc block in Lectora Run mode and in ReviewLink. We have been unable to determine a cause and wonder if this is a known bug.

Additional factors (possible bug source) - course was developed in Lectora Inspire, then exported to .pkg and imported into Lectora Online before then being published to SCORM from Lectora Online. This issue has not occurred every time, but twice now with no discernable difference in process nor development (same template used).

Weird. Is there a solution for this? Thanks! :#


  • wheels
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    Please report this to [email protected] it sounds like a bug and if you have a reproducible case we can probably fix it quickly. You can just send a link to this forum post and let them know the name of the title, and the page which has the problem.